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We offer multiple payment methods to support the needs of our foreign trade customers. Here are some common payment methods:
  • Telegraphic Transfer/Bank Transfer: Customers can pay us through bank telegraphic transfer or transfer. We will provide detailed bank account information for customers to complete the transfer.
Our Payoneer account: service@email.com
  • Credit Card Payment: Customers can use major credit card brands (such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.) to pay through online payment platforms or phone payment methods.
Our Payoneer account: service@email.com
  • Alipay/WeChat Pay: For Chinese customers, we support payment through Alipay or WeChat Pay. Customers can complete the payment by scanning the QR code or using the corresponding mobile payment application.
Our Payoneer account: service@email.com
  • PayPal: As a widely used online payment platform globally, we accept payments through PayPal. Customers can use a PayPal account or associated credit card to pay.
Our Payoneer account: service@email.com
  • Letter of Credit: For large orders or certain specific countries' trades, we accept payments through letters of credit. Customers can open letters of credit through banks and make payments according to the conditions specified in the letter of credit.
Our Payoneer account: service@email.com

Please note that specific payment methods and conditions may vary depending on the customer's geographical location, order amount, and other factors. We will work closely with customers to ensure that we provide the most convenient and secure payment methods to support their foreign trade transactions.
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